How do I log in?

1.  Enter your email address.

This is typically your organization email address.  If you do not know your email address, contact your administrator.

2.  If you are using the app for the first time on your device, you must first register your device.

This may have been done for you, in which case a temporary password should have been sent to your email address. Proceed to step 3.  Otherwise, Tap "Register".  A temporary password will be emailed to you for initial login.

3.  Enter your password.

If you forgot your password, tap "Forgot password" to have login info sent to your email.  You can change the password later from the app settings.

4.  Enable fingerprint ID access for future login.

Upon successful initial login, you will be prompted to enable fingerprint ID.  This feature can be turned on/off from the app settings.


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